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Application for Membership

Ontario Chapter Member Benefits:
- Informative Quarterly newsletters
- Quarterly meetings (including the pool party and the Christmas party) Plus the Annual Club sale.
- Free advertising in club newsletter and on website
- Increased networks for buying, trading and sellin
g collectibles

The annual fee for membership is $22.00 per year. Fees may be paid for one or two years at a time. Newsletters are sent to primary members only.

Please complete this form below and send a cheque or money order (for one or two years) payable to:       

The Coca-Cola Collectors Club – Ontario Chapter -  443 Winfield Terrace, Mississauga, Ontario L5R 1P3

Or pay for your membership by Interac e-Transfer using this address:

*The Coca-Cola Collectors Club is not affiliated with The Coca-Cola Company of Canada

New Member or Renewal
National CCCC Member

Thanks for submitting!

  Joining the Ontario Chapter of the Coca-Cola Collectors Club (OCCCC) offers several benefits for enthusiasts of Coca-Cola memorabilia:

1. Community Engagement: Being part of a local chapter provides opportunities to connect with other Coca-Cola collectors in Ontario who share similar interests. This can lead to       friendships, networking, and the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

2. Access to Resources: Members have access to quarterly newsletters to keep members up to date with events. These newsletters also provide stories related to Coca-Cola        

    collectibles, plus information on rare items, pricing, and tips for collecting. This can be invaluable for both novice and experienced collectors looking to expand their collections.

3. Events and Activities: The chapter organizes events, such as quarterly club meetings including a summer pool party and Christmas party where members can buy, sell, and  

    trade Coca-Cola items plus an annual club sale. These events offer a chance to add new pieces to collections, learn more about the history of Coca-Cola, and socialize with

    fellow enthusiasts.

4. Support and Expertise: Joining a local chapter provides access to a supportive community of fellow collectors who can offer advice, assistance, and expertise on various aspects

    of collecting, including authentication, restoration, and preservation.

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